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We’re planning a June wedding. 

We’re planning a June wedding. 


let’s have a moment for this please

 crystal reed for westlake magazine

crystal reed for westlake magazine


#okay but like #the thing you need to understand about this #is that these plans? #these things that caroline talks about? #like college? #like reconnecting with her friends?#staying with her mum? #short term #repeat after me SHORT TERM #she doesn’t have plans that involve him because she literally has not thought that far ahead #caroline forbes god love her #is still thinking as if she were mortal #but she’s not #[ she likes blood ] #[ she likes to throw people against trees and ravage them ] #and one day #ONE DAY#caroline will wake up and realise that the things she wants are only going to tide her over for so long #she’s going to remember a man and some words about forever #about waiting til kingdom come #and maybe she’ll catch a plane #maybe she’ll whoosh there #that’s the beauty of caroline and klaus and her being free and him being in love #they’re inevitable because they’re immortal #and the day caroline sees this is the day we will see them reunite #and neither will look back #oh fuck i’ve started crying


Matt has never looked at ANY GIRL THIS WAY.


If you promise to walk away
like you said and never come back
then yes, I will be honest with you.
I will be honest with you
what I want.


Amazing, Brilliant, Flawlessness

Videos like this one remind me just how perfect this ship is. Regardless of how it has ended, the journey of watching how these two characters have grown together and intertwined into each other’s lives is magical. They have had such a powerful impact on each other, whether they can see it themselves or not. No matter how TVD or The Originals play out, my headcanon will always be that they will find each other again in the future and live the life together that they deserve.


Oh my GOD. I only just watched this week’s episode of TVD and I just have so many feelings I need to scream at the top of my lungs at the edge of a cliff or something. 





I went from pure hyperventilation during all the Klaroline scenes to heartache from seeing Jenna to lip quivering from Matty and Vicky to full on tears when Alaric showed up. Any time Ghost!Ric shows up, I’m bawling my eyes out. Damn you, Matt Davis. I’ll never get over you. 

I haven’t watched the last two episodes of The Originals yet, and I knew it was coming soon, but Klaus is now forever gone from TVD? No more Matt & Rebekah moments? And I’m kind of mad that the Elijah moment wasn’t real, although I could never complain about seeing Daniel Gillies in any capacity. But DAMNIT we were so close to Steroline and now we’ve taken two steps back again. 

I love Katherine as a character, but I was hoping they would wrap up her storyline. Ah well.